I'm 26 years and 4 days old now. I would do a whole schpiel of "what I learned from 25+ years of existing" but that's a lot of boring adulting stories. Plus, no matter how old I get, I'm not extraordinarily different to what I am 10 or 15 years ago anyway. Here are things that I believe would never change.

I still...

am very clumsy
- Wearing white is a high risk. I've also recently spilled bbq sauce all over my phone. I found that real stressful and terrifying to be quite honest.

over-eat when stressed
- Although I have a healthier diet now, I still snack when sad. I am part of Sad Snackers Society (completely made that up)

love naps
- Bed, car, sofa - anywhere is good!

sleep late
- because I'm terrible and have no self-discipline. This is possibly what turned me into a pro napper.

go for the same haircut
- Am I bored? Sometimes.

- in both languages I know/speak (Eng. & Tagalog).  I may need help?

- Yes, please, shoot me!

- I remember a lot of unnecessary and good-for-nothing information but I'm forgetful enough to not remember to fold both sleeves of this blazer (which is killing me). 

wear this blazer
- because that's probably the most ethical thing I do - wear my old garms. I'm still bettering myself with this and becoming more conscious with how I shop and consume fashion.

- uhhh, again, HELP! This one's for family and friends. I'm just... sorry. Aha!

That's all from the good ol' me



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