Spring Blazers


London has been graced with a lot of sunshine but as you know the English climate can be super temperamental. There's you're usual hints of cloudy and chilly so layering is still vital. Blazers are perfect for this! This is nothing new but blazers really became my second skin and you'll see me in one at least 3 times a week. I think everyone is on this wave! Here are two of my favourites currently...

M O N K I :

W E E K D A Y :

This orange plaid blazer from Monki is so fun styled with other quirky pieces. It's super 'Clueless' esque and ugh I'm obsessed. The other super loved piece in my wardrobe is this Weekday stripe blazer (unfortunately discontinued). This is something I would wear any season with absolutely anything and everything. I dig it the most with trainers but that applies with anything else I own, to be honest.

photos by @orneiineii

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