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My pal Bec aka spicytofu came to visit London and took some photos of me. I've been making content with some talented girls lately. Spending my time and creating with like-minded people put me in a happy place, truly!

The internet, as we all know, has its high's and low's. It's true that social media contributes to a lot of self-doubts. Instagram, for example, is a platform that seems disposable. We receive too much information in way too little time. It's a platform full of anything and everything you can think of. It can be a little overcrowded. I feel like we swiftly scroll through some amazing contents and creative work but we tend to ignore the depth and passion behind them. At the same time, making something out of the ordinary can put so much pressure on creators. I don't know, these may all sound melodramatic but they are some factors of my demotivation. Sometimes, it's nice to just step back, look elsewhere and feed yourself inspiration through just "doing things".

Here's me doing a thing. When Bec came down last month, we made a day to explore, grab some Vegan food, networked at a random event and more. Ha! One great perk of social media (finally something positive, lol) is meeting and building close relationships with people in line with your passion and values - making really cool friends in short.

I'll share more about Bec and some of my snaps of her here soon.

Wearing: thrifted blazer, thrifted shorts, Dr. Martens Caraya shoes, Dump tote 

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