Dr Martens Caraya


I've been lusting for a pair of statement footwear for quite some time now. Eytys released a few of my "dream shoes" - anthenaphoenix loafersphoenix leather shoes. I've also been loving the t-bar / mary jane burberry shoes. All pairs, I'd love to own however, I have to stick to a budget (aha).


I've always been drawn to "edgy", tough, weird, chunky shoes. Last year, I got a pair of white buffalos and wore it to death. These styles give me so much height which, you know, is always in my good books. They add a little something different to a basic daily attire too. I considered purchasing the angel trainers from Eyts, the Sinclair boots and/or the Jadon boots from docs but I don't know... I wanted something different. As lame as this sounds (I'm already gagging. lol), shoes are like sculptures to me. I don't think I should explain that any further before I start sounding really strange. Ha! Let's just say I definitely favour shoes more than any other fashion accessories. Since I started becoming more and more conscious with my fashion habits and purchases, it's important for me to think about what shoes I really do love and what fits my wardrobe the best.

Caraya is a mix of everything I enjoy in statement shoes I've been hankering for. It gives me this "cool school" shoes vibe, it's robust, punky and perfectly stumpy. It's also solid black with black stitching which make it so much cooler.

I'm planning to make a shoe collection soon or maybe that would be more valuable as a video content? idk.

Wearing: Weekday blazer, Vintage jeans, old ribbed top, Dr. Martens Caraya shoes, Rains hat

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