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outfits of summer 2018

A round of applause for the blogger of the year... Ha! That's obviously not me. Where do I even start? This summer has been the most colourful one yet. Leaving this platform unannounced became a bad habit. I know this isn't new. I feel like the blogging community changed drastically. It's clear that Instagram overshadowed this platform. Today, social media communicates and presents our ideas/lifestyles to our audience (that's been meticulously yet randomly picked for us) way too quickly.  Yet, people spend hours and hours planning to post the most elaborate, strongest or super meaningful content. Everything feels disposable. I miss the old days when I find inspiration and pleasure from reading blogs showing absolutely everything and nothing at the same time (high five if you can relate). One of my longtime favourite person on the internet, Brittany Bathgate talked a lot about this on her blog. She's pretty much explained what's gone through my head regarding content creating for the past 5 months of being MIA, Check her blog out!

Apart from being demotivated, I think I have other pretty good excuses... I've concentrated on projects far from "disposable". There's DUMP - my trash baby I built with my 2 gal pals, Harley and Casey. I will feature this here at one point. There's been a lot of birthdays, weddings, and grown-up things I've had to attend and entertain. Summer has not just been colourful figuratively but I literally enjoyed wearing a lot of different shades this season. I will continually do so. You will get updates if this statement changes.

Anyway, WELCOME and see you later (I hope. Aha!)

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  1. Adore the visuals of this, think I may love every single outfit you've worn!!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion


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