Hi there! Remember me?

Back in the age of reblogging and exchanging "moody vibes" with mysterious trendsetters of the internet, LE-VISUALISTE was born. Confused? I'm talking about Tumblr. Remember that? I have no elaborate reason why I've chosen that name/title. My pretentious 17-year-old-self thought it was cool at the time. I went with it and stuck with it. A few years after, I decided I want my own space to throw cool things in, so I migrated my ideas to an actual blog. That was the beginning! My intentions for this space was probably bigger than myself. HA! It's (supposedly) my dumping ground for anything and everything I was into - fashion, food, friends, fotos, and feels (a lot of F's). Le-Visualiste started from mini-stories, outfit of the days and "current moods". It later routed into something I didn't get too thrilled about. It was repetitive and somehow impersonal. It also became far from what I think was imaginative and challenging. So, some things will change!

I suppose this is a fresh start. It's time to make friends with you again.



I'm currently 24 going on 21 (if that's possible).
I still make hundreds and hundreds of lists. They're neverending.
My bed (although this is a new one) is still my favourite place in the world.
I keep wearing more colours. I think everyone should too.

....and RED is still my vibe. 

So, there. That's the reveal!
LE-VISUALISTE rebranded. WWW.CHARIZA.CO is now officially live! Let's see where it goes from here. 


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