Umbro came together with ASOS to create a 20+ collection of fun pieces. I got to pick a few of them.

I was not joking about my infatuation with Wes Anderson colour scheme this season. The collection is bold and relates to my obsession with quirky saturated tones. The items in this collection features a lot nostalgic streetwear/sports elements which is what Umbro is typically known for. They remind me of all the large sporty vintage crew-neck jumpers I endlessly hunted for during my cosy and funky hipster days. The mustard body is a limitless item so it will be excellent for layering but today, I chose to wore it with a green coat and corduroy trousers. That's as funky as I'll get for now.

top: Asos x Umbro, coat: Zara, corduroy trousers: charity shop, shoes: Vans

 photos - Michael Ha
ed. - Chariza

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