In Sepia


A blood orange day

Yesterday, Casey and I (and mostly everyone else in the UK) were welcomed by this strange red sun. We strolled around town mesmerised by the blood orange ambience and celebrated through a never-ending chat over coffee and a semi-romantic dinner at the local pub. Ha!

Anyway, here's a wardrobe update. Worn here are a few of my newly acquired (and favourite) items for this A/W. The oversized blazer is from a charity shop I bagged for £4. It has a matching skirt I'm yet to alter but the blazer will be worn with anything and everything I own for sure. The jeans are the perfect high-waisted straight legged pair I've been hunting for and I happened to spot them at the Weekday store in London so that was an instant buy. I've also updated the strap of this mini party bag by 5 Preview. I use it regularly and I find the thick straps excellent for every day.

There are a lot more winter things coming here. I'll update you soon!

blazer: charity shop
tee: Basement
jeans: Weekday
bag: 5 Preview
hat: Carhartt
shoes: Docs

shot by Casey Narciso
ed. Chariza
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