denim - Vintage
top - CDG Play
skirt - SheIn
bag - 5 Preview
pins - various pin stores
shoes - Adidas Gazelles

My nails are painted red, my clothes have bright hues and my glasses give me a good sight to the world that is more golden (or yellowish. I can't decide). I've never felt so colourful. I think I'm ready for a summer tea party or a cute little picnic somewhere. This skirt can definitely be a good use for those occasions.

On a one random hot day, I found myself scrolling through I nabbed a few skirts that I thought were perfect for the stunning weather. Unfortunately, this is the only item that fit me. I'm not entirely miserable about that because I am nearly obsessed and have been trying to not wear it every day. Gingham is a yay trend for me. Here's to looking like a little school girl in her summer uniform or a picnic mat forward slash my mum's tablecloth. It's all good!

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  1. WOA I hate red but this skirt is so cute. I would like to order on SheIn but I don't dare because I'm afreid of being to small.
    PEtra xx


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