Spring Blush


jacket: New Look
t-shirt: CDG Play
trousers: Uniqlo
shoes: New Balance
necklaces: Hello Harriet

photos by: Mabdulle

Did you know spring season is now? I got a pleasant spring welcome from a cloudy weather and the 27 mph winds though which was lovely (when will I stop with my sarcastic remarks? probably never). Anyway, if you were here last month, you would have seen me styled a few denim items from New Look. This is part deux. A blushing one this time - combining different hues of nude(ish) pink. SPRINGY! Thanks to my best buddy Mo for always producing snazzy photos of me.

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  1. I just discovered your blog, but I love how you've styled this denim jacket. It's lookin' pretty good!

    Emma | www.brooklynisburning.co


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