Popping Rouge


tee: The Basement
jacket: Topshop (old)
trousers: H&M
socks: ASOS
shoes: Doc Martens
bag: Patta

I haven't been home in a while. I missed it - the smol seaside town, goofing around with Casey and reconnecting with my wardrobe (aha), I missed them all. Being home made me realise that a massive wardrobe clear out is desperately needed! However, today, I played dress-up. Many attires were considered prior to this final 'fit of the day. Finding old clothes is quite enjoyable and ugh distracting too! I reunited with this old Topshop faux fur coat and other ancient gems that apparently I cannot let go so as you can imagine a clear out was delayed. I need a wardrobe police and discipline. SELF-DISCIPLINE, shit yes!, that's really what I need.

Anyway, today was pretty fun just like this whole getup - represented my cheerfulness through that twinkle of rouge popping on my chest and feet.

Enjoy your weekend my darlings.



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