Kappa Track Top 
 Kappa Tape T-Shirt 
 Kappa Popper Pants 

 shoes:  Vans 

photos by Rhys Cox

As a 90s kid, it's hard to not fall for popper pants. Regardless of your sporting capabilities, if you're from the era of Spice girls, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Skater Bois, I'm pretty certain you and your pals acquired ownership of a pair.

JD Sports released a bunch of Kappa items recently. Kappa, an Italian brand known to have the baggy popper trackies we all very much enjoyed. As expected I happily took the opportunity to get a hold of them and show you guys this "popping" suit. So there, I willingly re-lived my inner Sports Spice. All I need now is a pair of chunky trainers that I already have sitting in a shopping basket somewhere. 

Check out these Kappa pieces on the JD Sports website.


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