Just in time for expanding horizons and getting motivated to pursue more of my creative endeavours, I was sent a t-shirt that reminded me of what I think I stand for (please take this in a non-hipster way or do whatever you like, IDC. aha)

How much of an outsider am I? I would never know. Getting classified as an outsider to some may be a cynical thought but being in the centre of countless distinct groups or in fact just floating around the system is I believe the best way to be. Why? Well, it's nothing complex. Locking yourself in a certain label - the hippies, the hipsters, grunge, punk, pop punk, emo, bohemian, high culture, gamers, nudists, or any other cool subcultures out there - is the most claustrophobic idea to me. Just understand your interests, be flexible, stay outside and celebrate you! 
To emphasise this whole "non-conformist" impression more, I wore this hot red leather skirt in the midst of cold air and froze my butt off. That's something an outsider would do right? I don't know I may just have been developing some sort of mild fetish for shiny a-line skirts. I need more!

 "be flexible, stay outside and celebrate you" 

jacket: Dickies
skirt: Zara
boots: Dr. Martens



  1. Love the whole look especially skirt so yummy x

  2. Fabulous outfit and hair! x



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