Deck Clothing


 Heartbreak Hoody 

photos by: Rhys Cox

Deck Clothing released their new collection last week. If you haven't seen the brand around instagram or other blogs, it's definitely something you should look into. The label as a whole takes inspirations from tattoo and street culture. They often play with designs that are relatively bold and vibrant but also produces a range of minimal items. These aspects give the label versatility.

This hoody has a classic design derived from a traditional tattoo art that resembles heartbreak. I was happy to style this hoody and curate an editorial that simply resonates the art of a broken heart. We all love a bit of fragility right? So, here's me keeping it real derelict yet fun for you all. Enjoy yourselves, stay rad and keep breaking hearts!


hoody: Deck Clothing
jacket: Vintage Levi's
jeans: Topshop
socks: Primark
trainers: Vans Slip Ons


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