Crepe City Oct'16






A photo diary of this month's crepe city
photos by Rhys Cox & yours truly.

As per usual, many avid sneaker fans have united in The Old Truman Brewery this weekend to celebrate Crepe City. I have been attending since last year and have covered the highlight of my last time a few months ago (see here).

size? have kindly invited me along with Rhys to join the fun this month. Their stall showed a lot of available and upcoming products from the store. size? also organised a panel talk hosted by DJ Semtex, where 3 sneaker experts; Alex Ropes from The Basement, Ron from CC, Jason Dike from High Snobiety discussed the "influencer phenomenon" — the effects and importance it has in sneaker culture.

Apart from the size stall, we were also at The Basement corner most of the time (of course). There was a lot of cool garms including the winter merch and the collaboration with BDL. It's always nice to see the gang gather and connect.

We also caught up with other great brands such as Dirty Rich apparel, One Jam Tart and a lot more.

I will be updating you about what Rhys and I wore for my next post.

See you soon!

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