September in Film


I have this warm admiration for documenting and taking photographs with film. Film photography has been a huge matter for quite some time now. In this digital age where memories are always taken, filtered and shared instantly, it's nice to be able to capture and gather moments that you'll be able to view and admire a little bit "later". It's something exciting and quite nostalgic really.

Rhys is a total bae for giving me this little Olympus MJU 1 snapper. In with a Poundland roll, MJU shot some beautiful subject matters such as shiny and tall buildings, a damp day in London, random alleyways, my sis and I under the sun and le boyfriend.

photos by Me / Shot with Olympus Stylus MJU 1


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  1. Such nice photos, especially the ones of the brutalist architecture :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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