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Kerstin Resander, 19, London

Today in Le-Visualiste's 'PEOPLE' category features a free willing young individual, Kerstin. I have known her for a while. She is an ultimate bass queen a lover of art, music and all the rad things. She experts in diving in moshpits, cruising (skating) and chumming around spontaneously.

So here. Let's say hello...

'Sup Kerstin. How are you doing?
Hello! I’m really good. I’ve pretty much recovered from recent skateboard injuries, yay! I’m a little ill right now but that just means I get to drink more tea… SO it’s all good in the hood.

Right, I introduced you as a professional moshpit diver. Tell my viewers a little bit more about you and what you do.
Professional mosh pit diver?! This is really funny, because I just posted a video of me last year stage diving onto a Death From Above 1979 crowd in San Antonio, Texas. You know those Facebook memories thing? It was one of those!

Anyway, recently I’ve been super involved in the music scene in London. I’ve been in a band as a bassist for this surf/garage/punk band called Wannaballoon, and I regularly go to shows (mostly free shows, because times are hard these days).
I also skateboard with friends (big up NEFARIOUS crew!) – there was a short period where I did stop this year, but recently I am getting into it again. I’ve forgotten the rush I feel when I try a trick and it actually works.

As a young creative, what's it like being part of the music scene in general. You were in a band at one point, how was that?
Ahhh, honestly, I’m probably surrounded by emotionally wrecked and/or blessed set of individuals who are all passionate about music. It’s so nice going to shows with friends and playing with like-minded people and appreciates it as much as you do. There are many ways to connect with people, but this is one of my faves! 
Yes! I was in Wannaballoon. I played bass and sung too. It was really fun actually and fucking crazy sometimes. This one time, we headlined a show at The Good Ship, and the guitarist went nuts – tripped over the PA system and face planted the floor, straight up didn’t move for a few seconds. There’s nothing more confusing than that – do I keep playing or do I help him? (I kept playing). I’ll never forget the look on the drummer’s face when I turned around. After the show, I asked the guitarist what happened and he said he whited out. It’s kind of the funniest thing now that I look back on it.

You are aware that I am in love with your Bandcamp.  Any future shenanigans in making your own chill tunes?
MY BANDCAMP! Wow. Thank you! K-Heart is a project I’m going to pursue this year too. Currently it has got only 2 songs online, but I’m secretly making more tunes… I dunno, K-Heart’s something I keep very close to heart (ooh pun). It’s where I pour out feelings but in a cute and mean way. Honesty all the way! I’ve been using electronic elements too for more chill factors! It’s nice to have that aside all the craziness. So yes, there will be more chill tunes coming up!

Favourite sounds at the moment?
My oh my. I was hoping this wouldn’t come up. Only because I’m the most indecisive person ever. It’ll probably be quite random, but fuck it:

Guided By Voices – As We Go Up We Go Down
Tubeway Army & Gary Numan – Down In The Park
Beach House – The Hours
Captain Beefheart – I’m Glad
Cortex – 8-Oct-71
Cherrelle – I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
Meatraffle – Acid in the 1940s
Deerhunter – Take Care
David Bowie – Soul Love

In your spare time, skating is what you do mostly. Where can we find you and your gang?
You can find the Nefarious gang anywhere there’s free pizza. We’re all pretty busy individuals, but when we do get together it’ll be at a skate premiere (recently we were at Emerica’s Made Chapter 2), skating Mile End, Stoke Newington, Frontside Gardens or Better Extreme skatepark, or generally street. Also we go to exhibitions, e.g. #MyStoryUK Instagram exhibition which empowered works of women. My friend/Nefa babe Viviana was in it! Free gluten free brownies and amazing drinks. Like I said we’re all over the place. Some of us went to Barcelona in May. One of us is in Vietnam teaching Art right now. (Hi, Rae! <3)

As someone that's young and full of different interests, do you have any future projects or plans that we should watch out for?
Yes! More skating for sure, because I just started again. Also, like I said I’m most likely joining a new band so there’s that. Also, of course pursuing K-Heart. More travelling too! I guess I’ll post about all this on my Instagram ☺.

Sweet! Any last words? :)

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photography by Chariza M.

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