Fuck, That's Delicious


I think we can all agree that I am hundred percent killing the "food is life" aesthetic with this attire. A get-up that weirdly offers a few unexpected culinary elements (lol) — one that I enjoyed very much and felt great rocking.

A massive credit goes to the boyfriend for willingly handing me the ownership of this rad tee. The infamous 'fuck, that's delicious' words by the rapper and one of our favourite person ever, Action Bronson, magically influenced the whole shebang. It just so happened that I matched the shirt with this humongous pair of chef trousers once. It was completely unintentional that it blew my mind. Now, I am fairly too obsessed with the combo.

If you dig this t-shirt, have a look at SCRT and watch out for new releases of things in this similar prints. They are my absolute love! Also, check out my little tote upgrade. This waterproof and foldable shopper from Patta is everything.

top: SCRT
bottoms: eBay
bag: Patta

shoes: Converse


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  1. Oh you are so cute :) I love this original outfit !!
    see you soon, eloonly.com


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