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Rhys Cox,  'defectcox', names you've most likely seen  around here and on my instagram recently. As you know, he's been taking most of my photos. We have our own but not so dissimilar creative ventures. Photography is something that we have been exploring as of late.

Rhys is imaginative. He has great taste and a good eye for style and design. I've asked him a few questions as it is only right for you to get to know him...

First of all, what are you wearing?
Supreme Paris Cap
ASOS oversized denim jacket ft. many pins and patches
Dr. Bananas rugby top (picked up at CC, really nice)
ASOS houndstooth joggers
Nikelab AF1 "Nai Ke"

What brands or any fashion related things you're really into currently?
I know it's a bit of a cliche now but I'm really into Supreme, it's the only brand I'm enjoying consistently. I'm also into pins a lot, as you could tell, they are so damn good. A few months ago I went through a phase of addiction with them, every week there were more and more. Sadly since then, I've lost a few. It's heartbreaking.

So, what do you do?

I'm a recent graduate and graphic designer. I got lucky enough to get a sweet job straight out of uni designing clothing and graphics for high street brands. As well as Tesco and stuff which is kinda lame, but it's fun times.

As a graphic designer, have you always worked within the fashion route? You also have a brand, can you briefly talk about that?
Na I only actually got into the fashion side of things properly at the end of uni. Originally I was just into contemporary design and making things like zines. I still love all that stuff but around Christmas time 2014 I got the call up to design some stuff for The Basement X Sneakerhead UK collab and loved working on it. That actually inspired me to go ahead with my own solo brand, De-fec't

How do you find designing for such a big community like the basement? What's it like in comparison to designing for other brands?
Sounds wet but The Basement is a big part of my life now, and it feels good to give something back and be involved, plus the audience is 50k+ people and that's mad. Designing for the guys is fun and pretty pleasant. It feels like a hobby rather than a job. I've designed for some American brands in the past and it's been hell. It's also a lot more fun than my paid job. Haha.

Ha! The Basement is great.
You've shot some cool streetwear related photos and have been taking lots of amazing snaps for Le-Visualiste. What made you so keen about photography. Any exciting plans with this?

Well, I've always liked taking photos but I've never had the means or reasons to. Then after leaving uni I moved home, caught up with old friends and creatives and started taking photos using other people's cameras. I knew that I liked certain things when taking photos and after getting my own camera, I explored this, and still am every time I shoot. It's become a real passion of mine and who knows what the future holds with this, hopefully somewhere positive where I can pick it up more.

Rhys has also started a blog where he dumps most of his work. - DEFECTCOX.BLOGSPOT.COM
You can stalk/follow his instagram!


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