Random Rolls and Strolls


Right, it's been forever since I posted something "personal" here. The last few weeks/months have been quite crazy. This really should mean... new contents. However, I'm finding it rather difficult to put up things that never feels right but you know but hey, I'm trying to just go with it. In the world of blogging and life in general, I think we always strive for something interesting and new. New means fun. Repetitive routines and in Le-Visualiste's case - "contents", sincerely bore me. There's surely a lot more for us to see, share and talk about. I have been having this staring contest with my journal for a long time. It's not the best competition to be in. So, bear with me while I battle with myself and actually get on with things.

Anyway, I got a few rolls of films developed. Here are a few fond moments and some fab people I snapped. A new blog category solely for film photography might occur, who knows. It is something that I've been merely interested in. There are no particular/huge plans for it. I am not intending to become a film photographer, but you know it's fun. Fun is what I like (hehe).



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  2. what film camera do you use? always wanted to get my hands on one, and coincidentally stumbled upon these beautiful photos here :)


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