Good, good vibes


Constructing a sentence (constructing this blog post) under the bright sky isn't as ideal as I thought. However, it appears that outside is where I always want to be at the minute. Maybe it's the Vitamin D or maybe it's the excitement of going for grubs and drinks. I don't know but I'm definitely always up for mini trips and any random ventures. Those things keep that grin on my face. (lol, cute right?)

All happy vibes surround us throughout this bare-legged season. Rhys and I were about the shiny Wharf again. I kept my outfit fun with the rusty tone of the 70s and ragged denim. Disregard the few unsociable, "I'm so cool for you" faces I pulled and please appreciate the lovely and tasteful ambiance of these photos. Rhys outdid himself and captured this perfectly. Just. So. Good.

jacket: Vintage Levi's
dress: ASOS (old)
cap: Lamoda
bag: 5preview
chain: I made!
footwear: Docs

photos by Rhys Cox


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  1. WOWOWOW!!! AMZZZZING AMAZING! Love your hair and your plaid dress ROCKS!!! Sooo glam and gorgeous and badass babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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