Friday Feels


Multiple places and platforms around the interweb allow you to share your aspirations and what you stand for. Instagram being a huge one for personal branding and what not, it's surely a great online spot for exploring. If you sincerely desire to, you can literally fish opportunities in every corner of social media.

Blogger, content creator, social media babe, model, musician, actor - a list of various influentials. Whatever of these you're into, there is FEELS, a clever casting app that can simply assist you with connecting with people and brands you want to work with. It operates similarly to Instagram, though you can explore brand campaigns and apply to them under specific but never complex terms and conditions.

A few months ago, they invited to join the app. And so I delved in and really got involved. Shortly after, I got chosen to be part of a collaboration - 'Lamoda x Feels Girl Gang' along with four rad, rad girls. We were given a chance to show our personalities by styling 2-3 outfits featuring a number of Lamoda items. You can check the girls on Lamoda's blog and take a peek at my little feature here .

I believe that Feels is a great platform and you guys should definitley check it out. If you're already on there, please say hi and follow my account.

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  1. Stunning pictures, love all of the looks!

    Ruby x

  2. found your blog and omg i looooooove it! all these photos are so fresh and I just love all of your looks - I have a feeling I'll be a regular visitor now!! xx

  3. great pictures ! this looks straight out of a magazine

  4. really cool photos & i love your style!


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