Crepe City


If you are from the UK and have a mere obsession with trainers. you must know about 'Crepe City'.

Crepe City is a sneaker event - a fashion and footwear festival where buying or trading trainers have been made physically possible, convenient and accessible. It has been going on for years and this was the second time I've visited. The sneaker culture and streetwear is celebrated through this event so not only will you see a hefty amount of trainers but you'll also come across different brands and unconventional labels. Those featured above are Ropes, Jason Markk, Sneakerser, Hidden Lab, SCRT, Dirty Rich and Reuben Dagoor's artwork.

I mainly prowled The Basement room and caught up with the "basement fam". Here's a little flashback of the day:

To see more of basement x crepe city related things. Check the basement's website and Rhys's snaps up on his blog.


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  1. Paradise. Cool pics!
    Petra xx


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