Courts's Merch '16 / photos by Rhys Cox

Courts is an unconventional band from Basildon, Essex. A group that produces a sound that is raw, significant and it is something that's just purely engaging.  

I've found for a long time that Essex is lacking a real and wide music scene. This idea has changed after listening to Courts. The band has been doing their thing for a while and have refined their sound to bring something certainly new and refreshing here. It's very seldom that you find a band you can genuinely say is unique. Courts have not failed and still continue to spread the fresh funky noise of the west cost to the UK east coast.

They have done really well and earned great recognitions this year - a huge one from Elton John, for example. 

NME has spoken words that could not be more precise, describing their successes. 
"Courts, a five-piece from Basildon, Essex have only released three singles to date, but they've got a big fan in Elton John. Rocket Man himself played the boys’ new single ‘Glass Half Empty’ on his Beats Radio show last week, exposing their music to a gigantic audience." 
"Trying to summarise Courts music is almost futile - it’s a graceful blend of JME’s furious vocals and Jamie T’s witty observations, mixed effortlessly with the funky guitar/bass combo of Chic." - NMEread more at
MTV also said,
"Reminding us of an early Arctic Monkeys meets The Streets, from their bold attitude, infectious tracks and rock star looks, Courts literally have every quality needed to become the next big phenomenon in music." read more at

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Chinnery's, Southend-on-sea - 13th of May. (t-shirts can be purchased here too)
KOKO, London - 3rd of June

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