Cosy In Pink


Happy #TBT!

Here's to one damp day when I met my pal Mo and had an impromptu shoot as we always do. Things went pretty well until files were lost. You know, these things to the best of us but hoorah! We did manage to salvage a bunch of them.

Anyway, I'd like to know something. What other hip terms are there excluding the word 'cosy' that define a comfortable cool aesthetic and lifestyle? Please do feel free to suggest anything as I feel like I'm stuck with the word and "the world" of 'cosy'. Although it's not necessarily a bad thing, I am overusing this adjective. It just sums up the best things in life. Ugh, I can't help it! I can not help and dress this way.

My addiction with pins is one other thing that can't really be ceased. I have added more to my collection and I am building it up till... I don't know. Forever? I don't want to be the bad (or best) person here but if you are up for getting pinfluenced, check out Pin Lord, one of my favourite instagrams ever. There, you can get your daily dose of happy pin times.

coat: Primark
tee: SCRT
trousers: Vintage
bag: Polo by Ralph Lauren
collected pins from various places

photos by: Mohamed Abdulle / @mabdulle


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  1. Love the vibe. The pins are such a great touch. Gotta have Sriracha close by!


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