Samo Gledam


What is Samo Gledam?
"The brand is all about doing my own thing, having an outlet for ideas without having to conform, rush or force anything. I do everything at my own pace and I design things I would wear myself. The bags are produced in the UK and sold directly to customers which keeps the prices affordable and the designs genuine. The designs are ungendered,focused on functionality and also experimenting with materials. Anything is used as material-from conventional fabric to carpet floor tiles and tarpaulin."
- Alenka Cindric
There are quite a heavy amount of upcoming and independent brands out there. Alenka's brand is significantly her own. I am for something personal and expressive therefore I was happy to know more about the label and see her designs. I was really stoked to receive this neoprene number. Backpacks are cool, They're easy and practical. They are a lot cooler with a twist which is exactly what Samo Gledam offers.

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jacket: Primark
top: Uniqlo
trousers, cap: H&M
shoes: Converse

photos by: Rhys Cox 



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