How spontaneous was your weekend?

As for my pals and I, chaos took us to the island I named 'Isle of Fun' but it is commonly known as Isle of Wight.

The real agenda was to explore Southampton. We did rad things like head bop in a gig/house party, enjoy the cheap meals and met our internet friends from the city. However, after the good fun in Southampton and chill, we realised that yes we can fit a body of four in a dinky student's living room kindly provided for us but it was sad and uncomfortable. This made our impatient and far from sober limbs to book a decently priced hotel nearby. It was all sound and dandy until we checked where this hotel was located. Next thing you know we were shipwrecked. Ha! No, we hopped on a ferry and wrecked the ship with some of these gnarly snaps.

Our time in Ise of Wight was as colourful as this boat.

Thank you for the swell time Cowes! We'll be back in you.

photos by: Me + Rhys Cox


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