White hair has been a fad for quite some time now. I am undeniably a victim of this trend. At the moment, there is this strong attachment between myself and the whiteness of my locks - all the weak, dry, imperfect but beautiful strands of it. Weak? Dry? I hope that did not scare you, but I do want you to worry. After all, this is a DIY instruction from someone that does not hold an NVQ in hairdressing or any other professional experience in hair beautification (ha!). So...
"WARNING: Follow instructions at your own risk." (Don't worry, it won't be that bad as long as you skip the mistakes I did. Hehe). 

First of all, every hair is different. These steps that worked for me might not work for you.
Here's my "hair type":
Natural colour-
Natural texture -
Dying history -
silky, thick, poker straight, Asian hair
dyed many times from medium brown - light brown and ombre


1. I had ombre hair. My base/root shade was ash brown. The ends were already bleached and had variety of shades which are mostly caramel and dark blonde. 
2. From ombre, I started bleaching the hair from the mid parts to the ends using a 20 Vol Developer and a Rapid Blue Bleach Powder. This was a 45 minute process. 
3. My hair started turning ginger after a few weeks. So, I repeated step and used a Wella t10 toner straight after bleaching. 
4. After a month, I decided to bleach my whole entire hair but my roots. This time it was an hour process - still using the same bleach powder with 20 Vol. Developer. I toned it using Wella T18 toner. 
5. I then decided to re-bleach everything after 3-4 weeks with the same products and processing time I used previously. This gave me the shade I wanted but has stripped and thinned down my hair drastically. So I had 2 inch of it chopped off. (please, please be careful)
* After another month or so, my hair-growth/roots started becoming ridiculous. I retouched it and left it to process for about 40 mins. In the midst of this step, I decided to go over my whole hair with the bleach again (left on for about 25 mins). Toned using Wella T18, hooray, my hair turned white! *


Mixing Ratio = 2 parts developer, 1 part bleach

Processing time = Typically 45 mins to an hour but it varies depending on the hair's state and strength (refer above)  


Mixing Ratio = I use equal amounts of toner and developer

Processing time = between 30 to 45 mins. I wouldn't leave it for any longer than 45 mins as the hair can turn purple. 

*Every products mentioned comes with instructions so you'd be able to whip up a creamy mix of hair lightener easily.*

I do touch up my roots once in awhile. However, I am enjoying this look with dark roots so I am not looking to dye my hair anytime soon plus killing it even more isn't part of the plan. 


These products are essentially what I've been using lately.

Provoke Purple Shampoo -  I used Bleach London Silver Shampoo for quite a bit. Since I've ran out of that I've been using this. It works the same and just as fine as Bleach London's. I wash my hair with this twice a week to keep it nice and toned.  
Bleach London Reincarnation Mask - Bleached locks aren't ever going to be healthy. Moisturising is important. I use this mask twice a week too to mimic a healthy looking hair. 
Organix Nourishing Coco Milk - My hair is dry. This serum is good for hydration. It keeps my hair soft so that's good.  
Detangling Brush - I've always hated brushing my hair. My strands became thinner so it's prone to knots. A good detangling brush keeps my hair tangle free without hurting it. 

I avoid using heat on my hair as it's already weak and way thinner than how it's used to be. I wash it 3 times a week and keep it air-dried. I try not comb/brush it when it's damp. I do it before washing and when it's dry. 

I don't know what my current plans are with my hair. I have gotten a lot of compliments and questions about it (hence the whole hair talk). As lovely and fun it all may seem, it's tedious and hard to maintain. If you're not confident enough to do it on your own, please get it done professionally.

Good luck!



  1. amazing post chariza - you've got some serious balls p.s! haha, looks beautiful.
    i have a hair care post coming this sunday and i really enjoyed this so come over to mine to swap hair stories at the weekend, bahaha.

    elisha-mae I wear this?

    1. Haha I know right. I'm looking forward to see that! My hair would appreciate a new way of TLC :) x


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