Simple but sound with A Weathered Penny

Minimalism, the lifestyle which is the fashion fever for a long time, unofficially but certainly popularised through the blog world, tumblr reblogs and instagram feeds, is undoubtedly aesthetically neat and refreshing. If you can't quite put your hands on it yet, it's seeming that I am part of this movement. Being engaged through the power of wide white walls of this simplistic fashion, I happily came across A Weathered Penny.

A Weathered Penny is a lifestyle store that executes quality designed jewellery in such simplistic but significant concept. I was immediately allured by the style the brand suggests so I was excited to get into contact with Kayleigh, the woman behind it all. I picked 3 of my favourite items from the collection - the bar designs. The pieces are sterling silver plated and beautifully designed.

I suggest you head to their website now and check it out! - aweatheredpenny.co.uk
You can use the discount code "LE-VISUALISTE" to get 15% off the new stocks of the adult's jewellery.

jewelleries: A Weathered Penny
top: Zara
coat: Mango
tailored trousers: Thrifted
shoes: Vans

*posted in collaboration with aweatheredpenny.co.uk



  1. aww, so nice to see you doing some collaborations with brands, congrats!
    so pretty.

    elisha-mae I wear this?

    1. Thanks Elisha, I'd like to say I do them with brands I genuinely love aha. Hope you're well x


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