photoss by Sean Frame 
Film is quite an interesting media, you can influence and grip the audience with two of our main senses, in terms of visuals and audio, together they can have an emotional and philosophical effect on the end user, which in what I create I like to make the audience stop and think, not just as a work of art, but as an experience.  
As new technology comes out I like experimenting with different mediums, as well as old ones. I like learning new techniques more-so than the end product. I believe art is never finished, you just create enough to be content/happy with your creation. For me its not the destination its the journey of creativity that excites me.  
Sean is a visionary who presents crisp and cool aesthetics. Having known him for quite sometime, we've always thought of cooking up something visually sweet and comely.

As an avid filmmaker, he has produced a number of quality works. The social media is not an essential platform for his creation. Although he does work more on filming, his photography is clean too. He is the man behind the frame and he definitely made me look and feel extra rad and snazzy.

Creativity that is raw and honest is something I approve of. It's great to be surrounded by a number of multi-talented individuals. In creating any form of art, what draws me the most are ones that are personal and conceptual. The more connection there is between the art and its creator, the more persuasive it is. I've seen Sean explore through his sea of ideas and execute them in a way that is real and impressive. I mean, come on Sean Frame is his real name. I believe it is his calling, 

There will be more Sean Frame x Chariza Miranda in the future for sure. 

shearling coat: Vintage
jumper, jeans: H&M
shoes: Leather Vans Old Skool
glasses: Topshop (old)



  1. Just checked out Sean's stuff and love it! When we saw your glasses on instagram too we fell obsessed with them, love the quirky touch they add to your look :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. These images are soooo cool and set off that simple outfit gorgeously. That coat is amazing and has got me wanting to visit all the vintage shops to find similar!

    Josie :) x

    1. Thanks Josie! I felt very lucky to find this coat in my local vintage store. So so good! x

  3. I'm obsessed with the setting of your pictures plus your outfit they just play off each other so nicely! x
    Aleks |

    1. Thanks Aleks. Kudos to Sean for making it happen x


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