Somewhere between black and blue

"Style is the reflection of one's mood." You have most likely heard this many times before.

Well, "navy" has been the recent mood.  My italicised description of navy is the literal ambiance of my life presently.  As I've got into this ensemble four times in the past couple of weeks, I may have become this dark suited sad being - so deep, so dark. Although, really and truly, I just want comfortability. Zero is the quantity of effort put into this matter.

We get caught up on a heap of things daily. Whether that's work, play or whatever.  Sometimes, it's only right to be comfortable and relaxed. We don't need try so hard on everything. You know!  It's just as simple as being effortless or casual in terms of clothing.  I'm fairly sure you've heard these before too... "Less is more" or "Effortless is chic".

So, loosen up!

- a note self


jacket: Monki
top: Gap
trousers: TK Maxx
bag: SCRT
shoes: Old Skool Vans



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