A message in a bottle

Today, at this digital era, messages are spread and shared via emails, text messages and other various forms of social media. I have always been interested in snail mails. Communicating through the post is somewhat heartwarming and special.

The girls from Birambi sent me this silver necklace packed in a little test tube with the loveliest note (ugh, cutest thing ever!).

Birambi creates these minimal and cool gifts such as jewelry, posters, bath salts, tea and other quirky little gifts. The brand has "message in the bottle" as a concept. Their aim is to connect people through these personalised gifts. Each of these products comes with personal messages from the sender.

During this month of giving and receiving, I suggest you guys to head over their website. Their items are special and reasonably priced. They are the cutest and are perfect Christmas gifts or fillers. You won't be let down. I can promise you that!

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