White Canvas


"And I know when the white sneaks bling"

Yeah. Ever since I got my hands on a pair Old Skool's, I pondered for a while whether I'm ready to stroll with a white canvas or not. It just so happened that Zalando had a blinging sale - at only £27.50 - it only really meant one thing. Without hesitation, it went straight to the basket and whoala it's here. 

I secretly have this paranoia - very cautious with dirt/puddles.  Though, that's only for now. I'm pretty sure I'll eventually turn bad & dirty (lol). I'll get over it soon enough. 

On another short but gnarly note: the cozy mood is still on.  This long fur blanket (ish) "gilet" can wrench me from pimp to homeless chic. I do not even mind at all. 

Hashtag team cozy!

fur coat: Pretty Thing Vintage
top: Episode - House of Fraser
trousers: GAP
shoes: Vans
bag: Zara



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