One random day in Soho

A few weeks ago, when cropped tops are still appropriate to wear, I strolled around Soho with the gals, got caffeinated and stuffed my face with Mexican (which unfortunately I don't have photos of).  It all seems so long ago. Now, cropped tops aren't as ideal, but I wouldn't say the same about this gnarly Primark outerwear, Soho Grind, guacamole and burritos.

In other news, I am trying to get my mojo back in terms of filling/updating those categories (see sidebar) - more cool and interesting things from Le-Visualiste, I hope. Have a lovely week, keep warm and see you soon!



jacket: Primark
top: Topshop
culottes: H&M
cap: H&M
bag: Zara
shoes: Adidas


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