This summer compose of many things such as impromptu BBQs, eating a lot of cakes, eating pretty much everything, "squad" drink ups, unexpected day trips and adventures with some awesome pals, strolling along beaches, befriending plants and hiding behind them, etc. 

If we're talking fashion, I basically live in this uniform and maybe I don't mind living in it forever. This striped tee/tunic is an olden from H&M. I'm so stoked to find it in my dresser. It's funky and it's humungous which makes masking the aftereffect of overeating pretty much a piece of cake (ha! hashtag puns fo days). Also, choking myself with these suede ties seems to be my thing recently too. Okay, maybe not actual choking, but yes, it's cute and very cowboy-ish, I think.

top: H&M | jeans: Vintage Levi's | sandals: Topshop | hat: H&M
necklaces: gunmetal/cyrstal - Topshop, silver - H&M 


  1. these jeans are beeeeautiful!
    lovely post


  2. Amazing outfit, I love everything about it.

  3. I love everything about this outfit! The top was meant for those jeans! And these photos are amazing! This is definitelu my favorite post by you thus far ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


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