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Summer has begun and Shop Dixi has come out with Harvest moon, a real alluring collection inspired by the enticing beauty of the sea - the silken sand, those hazy mornings and the lustrous & mystical sunset. 

The brand holds a stunning message. "You're beautiful and amazing; you're a thousand small pieces of magic embodied. We want to share this magic, we want you to shine so all the world can see. We don't just want to create Jewellery, we want to create little pieces of you. You inspire us, and we hope to inspire you. We want to help you express that incredible individuality you so fiercely hold."  

Need I say more? The collection's editorial just speaks for itself. I look forward to purchasing my own and conjoin the sisterhood. I am an avid fan of sterling silver and boho jewels. Shop Dixi is just quality and always does it for me. 

You can shop the Harvest Moon collection here

*Posted in collaboration with Shop Dixi*

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