Something different...  Something slightly soppy (I imagine).

This was the day when I dragged my sister to take random snaps of me. With an unplanned outfit and no clarity of where to shoot, we just went along and seized the grey and windy afternoon. This shoot was purposely for an article I wrote for a friend's project. Although it was intended for that, I wanted it to be as live and as honest as possible. You know candid stuff - none of those typical scripted pose just real expressions (lol real 'feels')

Anyway, while looking through these photos and evaluating this day, I was reminded of last year when I ranted about great and blahs of life at the time (check the link). My current attitude contrasts to what my attitude was then. Sure, I still do get demotivated. Don't we all? However, as of late, I have learned and trained myself to say YES more and be more relaxed with making creative concepts. I do believe that perfectionism is a great trait, but if it is to the point that it stops us from expanding our means, we may need to stop, relax, rethink and then continue. 

Blogging is something that I do part time at present. I have been more serious about it this year, but it has been practically two years since my very first post.  This whole documentation of my life has been peachy. Thanks to this digital diary - memories and personal growth; they're all fun to see, but what I am most grateful for are the people that I met and have connected with through here.

Thank you for taking your time to read and hang here. Y'all are amazing!

All the best,

Chariza <3


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