Scuba Under A Tunnel


This weekend, I took Wang for a spin and scuba dived through this dull white, tunnel-like corridor.

I'm honestly slightly sick of this "black is the new black" catchphrase. Black has always been black and I go all out with it when bad things go down in my wardrobe. Well, you know when you're stuck in a rut thinking of what to wear... We've all been there! Though in these type of dilemmas, I find that going all black saves my day. It's a classic so there's nothing new to it, but it is great (deep thoughts eh? ha!).

With going all black everything, I think of textures, weight and length. Those elements give the 'fit life and make it less like a mourning uniform.

top: Alexander Wang x H&M | midi skirt: Primark | hat: H&M | shoes: Vans Old Skool


  1. This top combined with the skirt looks gorgeous. The whole outfit is gorgeous! Nothing wrong with black - it's the easiest way to style and combine your outfit and at the same time it looks classy!!
    greetings from Austria,

    1. Thanks Livia! I totally agree. You can never go wrong with black :)



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