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Before you miss out on this refreshing and impressively curated exhibition located in one of my favourite space in London, I'm giving you a glimpse of all the awesomeness (it's up till tomorrow!). Here's an archive of works I collected from Saatchi gallery's 'Post Pop: East meets West'. The exhibition showcases some of my favorite's works by artists like Michael Craig Martin, Paul McCarthy, David Mach, Duchamp, Sherrie Levine, etc.

The exhibit is broke down into different themes such as Habitat, Advertising and Consumerism, Celebrity and Mass Media, Art History, Religion and Ideology and Sex and the body.

Reviewing every art pieces would definitely not appeal most of you so I'll pass with that as I may come across overly "hyped" about the whole thing (which is actually a fact because I really really am super hyped). So here I'll break it down to what is my general view about this expo. They exhibited a perfect blend of what's normally called "shocking art", with Paul McCarthy's Spaghetti Man being present. Interesting experience: I took a break from exploring the gallery while I sat down by this life-sized sculpture placed right when you enter the 3rd floor. There, I witnessed everyone's response and expression towards this rabbit head with a long floppy dong (you can lol at my description if you will). Some are shocked but most are immediately tickled/amused by this famous Spaghetti Man. I also found kids doing a drawing response to it which is plain weird and other kids discussed the bunny's long tail. I'm pretty sure they were not advised to be there but it just makes everything a little controversial.

Some infamous works of Andy Warhol are here too. The bronze urinal called 'Foundation (after Marcel Duchamp: A.P.)Sherrie Levine that is one work that I highly appreciate and I'd love to own (yes, give me that shiny Duchamp urinal). There are many things to see here. I believe that they exhibited a good mix of classic, recent and ancient popular culture but yet showcased it with a very current feel that hits "this generation". Pop art in itself is something recognisable by almost everyone and it is somehow relatable to every age. As controversial and shocking the whole thing may be, I just think that Charles Saatchi has executed a refreshing set that is visually powerful and it tickles the mind. I would want to go technical and go into details but then I'll leave you to think.

Speaking of collecting art / "stacking" art. I've recently discovered this mobile app, Art Stack; an application that allows you to gather and share artworks in the most convenient way. If you are an artsy fartsy like me, check it out!

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