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Ivy Embroidered Shirt Dress

Finery is a luxurious brand with a contemporary and sophisticated style.

A few days ago, I got to visit their pop-up store in London with Skai. When she candidly introduced the brand to me, I didn't hesitate to check what they're all about. We took a peek at The Finery Fitting Room placed in Monmouth street, Covent Garden. The impressive and eye-catching display had me drooling over pretty much everything in the collection. The brand designs modern but timeless pieces and provides these with well-satisfying quality.

Although the brand has just recently launched, I can see that they are out there to arouse and impress many. Affordable and luxurious, with those descriptions combined together, you know that you're in good hands with Finery.

I photographed some of the pieces that I really fell for but, it's extremely difficult, in fact, burdensome to pick favourites from the collection (it's so hard when you love everything). However, I can see myself rocking all, I really mean it... ALL those swanky footwears. The red embroidered t-shirt dress is also a dream to have. It has elements of Valentino with more than half of the price (yay!). I also really appreciate the thought and striking details put into the bags and jewelleries. 

I'm overall thrilled and excited to have stumbled upon this store. It ended with me bagging a new favourite brand and a long shopping wishlist.  

If you are looking to try these refreshing designs, head to The Finery Fitting Room (note: it is only up until Monday, 23rd February) or you can check out Finery at

And, here's a sneaky little selfie of Skai and I.



  1. Love it! Still waiting to post mine ;)

    Love, Skai x


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