Smart Tans


Yay to mirror snaps! A smart outfit never dissatisfies me. As much as I lay towards laid back clothing these days, infusing a slice of smart into it is a habit I can not get out of. Apart from the usual greys, whites and black, tans and camel are excitingly these very adaptable tones that just fits right in the utilitarian area of my wardrobe. Plus, they aren't that dull, it's not that black and white are dull tones or anything (seriously they really aren't), but hey, another yay! to that.

coat: NewLook | jumper: Topshop | shirt: Hobbs | 
trousers: Dorothy Perkins | shoes: Preowned/Gifted. | hat: H&M | tote: Primark

P.s. I'm currently working on updates for lookbook. This site is great for checking bloggers' outfit archives. I've slightly forgotten about it, but please check if you want some #fbf (flashback 'fits).


  1. I love the brown + black combo of this look. It's totally refreshing from black & white lol. Plus I totally fanned you on Lookbook ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

    1. Thank you babe! We should keep in touch everywhere then huh :)


  2. You are right, black and white and dusty brown shades are super sleek, and far from dull. There is time for bright colors, of course but I relate to your penchant for these neutral hues - I found you through LB and I'm loving your style so please do keep on blogging your outfits!! =D xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  3. Lovee this outfit and all the different layers! :)


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