Since another year has ended with mindful experiences, I thought I'd blog about this.

Summarising my 2014 requires a good memory which I think I lack off recently. So let's go with those that I do remember.

First, to a matter blog related, I know that 2014 was the year when I've decided to do more of this. It has been certainly cheerful though the perfectionist in me is not near 50% satisfied (I KNOW). Truthfully, talking about just clothes in this blog makes me feel all fatigued-like. I'd like to do more and share more so hopefully, I can sort myself out with that. A few opportunities and invitations came along that I've turned down due to other life events that got in the way unfortunately. Nonetheless, this blog have fulfilled me in many ways.

As for life, things have gradually changed for me. Having this attitude of getting disinterested easily, created some of the transitions I think. When this case happens, I get really lazy and I stop making efforts. Guilty scenario - when I don't contact or interact with people, for a long period of time, like decades or something? Introvert alert? But hey, my friends get that and I love them for it! Another "update" that I really do not need to elaborate on (but then again why not) is that my nearly 5 year long relationship, as okay as it seemed, I realised I was bound to get out of it. There's no grief nor hate to this. You know, you grow, you grow apart, you live, you move on. As egotistical as I may come across, now that I'm a single life living 21-year-old, I've never felt more high (as in high in life of course). It's not like it held me back to doing things I wanted to do or my whole life revolved in it. I'm just full of excitement to start this year with complete self-rule. I'm certainly brimming with more passion and excitement now that I'm a happy loner (#lol).

Every year, month or day, you get to learn more and more about people around you. I am genuinely thankful for all people whom I shared the good and the bad this year. To those new ones that came along to hang, I look forward to more times of play and chill with y'all. I heart you guys!

What is more to come? I am doubtlessly intrigued. I am not into expectations or promises, but I anticipate those upcoming experiences to learn from. I have intimate goals like: enhancing my craft and capabilities to somehow inspire some, stop wasting time and opportunities to develop my "creative artistry" or in other words do more artworks, saying YES more rather than no or maybe, start spending more time with old friends and create more good laughs with family. There is a whole list more for me to keep. Let us not bore each other further.

I am truly, truly excited to share whatever this year has to offer me.

So hey! Here's my first "half n half" selfie of the year:

- Chariza x



  1. Hi, I really love your blog so I nominated you for the ‘Liebster Award!’, all the details are on my new blog post. http://williamsburgwishes.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/liebster-award-nomination.html

    1. Thank you for the nomination Stacey. I will try! x

  2. Beautiful post, I hope you can pursue your own happiness and goals this year!

    Caro / Les unreals

  3. Aw, yeay introvert alert, welcome to the club, haha. Please come back! A new post about nothing is in order if you're feeling uninspired! <3 xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW


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