Oh BOBby!


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Hair is somewhat identified as this beloved and most precious possession of most of us women. I for one, lived in a fear of getting my strands introduced to BOB for many years. I've always had the short and boyish chop during my childhood so since the start of my development as a woman (ahuh LOL), I got away from Bob. However, recently, exactly this summer of 2014 when LOB (long bobs) we're rocked by many, I thought they looked oh so fine so I was like 'YES! That's it. I think I need Bob in my life again.' Mentioned with my recent post, is the "short hair syndrome". Well, I have pinned and saved way too many haircuts and styles possible. 

A "self-portrait with cropped hair by Frida Kahlo" moment, I believe I might be having. No I am not going through a heartbreak/divorce nor do I prioritise a man's opinion about this matter (all smiles). Oh and a cropped hair always looks good with a pair of suit. Thanks Kahlo! 

Anyway, this is just a great way for me to get out of my comfort zone. I honestly had this "OMG, beautiful hair no more" situatio. Only a few or less than normal amount of selfies have been introduced to my camera roll since my first cut which ha! I thought that was ridiculous. I mean I did not get no pixie, I still have a pretty weighty amount of hair. I can not be sad about that. So another note to self and to others: short hair does not mean your less of a woman than the others i.e. Victoria Secret Angels or something. No! If you're looking into getting involved with bobby, pixie, baldy or even just a trim please do not hesitate. A haircut always makes you reckless and daring. That's attractive. Rawr!

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