Brown & Blurry


top: Thrifted | jeans: Ragged Priest | bag: Zara | shoes: Zara

Excuse the well-done and rich quality of these browny photos. Excuse the sarcasm too. Here is my OOTD as a support system for a friend going for a hair chop (we're all having this short hair syndrome). It was just my usual laid back day followed with local lattes, nothing biggy. Though, I have a huge obsession with these boots. They are like my best buddies at the moment, and that whenever I travel somewhere for as short as 3 days, I have to bring them along with me. What do you think? It's a YAY for me.


  1. love your style! those boots are beautiful and go so well with the jeans. Ah I'm tempted to go for the hair chop too but I'm scared of it going triangle shaped cos my hairs so puffy! x
    The Frill Seeker

    1. Thank you so much! I'd say go for it! Just bring in photos of the hairstyle you want, show them to your hairdresser and explain your concerns. I'm sure you'll be fine! x


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