Youthful Spirit


t-shirt: Cheap Monday | slip dress: Mum's Wardrobe | boots: Zara | bag: NewLook | necklace: cross: Gift, spikes: Forever21 

Here I am a 21 year old forever struggling to prove my age. If that shocks you, I am 21, I promise! I do wonder why that's the case but with this apparently infant-like face and my occasional youthful sense of dressing, it does make a tiny sense. And so, to confuse the strangers even more, I thought I'd opt for this Dutch/boxer braids or with what I like to call, Million Dollar Babe hairdo. Now I look more of a 16 year old. As much as it bothers me, being youthful is a great thing. I know I'm going to thank my baby-face genes, later, in a decade or so. I don't have much to say about this ensemble but slogan and graphic t-shirts are my thing this summer. This is how I usually wear oversized ones. Baggy tees plus a lace trim slip equals to Chariza being effortlessly chic and swanky. 

Hope you're well guys. Stay in that youthful spirit. HA!




  1. Those shoesssssssss! You have fun style! I'm loving your layered look, but omg I totally get you with struggling to prove you age people don't believe me when I tell them I'm 21!

    1. Thanks girl! I know right, it can be a pain although I guess it's being baby-looking can be good thing :)


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