Skin On Skin


#1 photo by: Vogue
blazer - H&M  |  top - Asos Men  |  shorts - Vintage Levi's  |  bag - Topshop  |  sunnies - H&M

HEY! I'm back and I'm here coming at you with some skin hues. What the heck is skin hues? Well, I was strolling through Calvin Klein S/S 15 Menswear collection and found myself really enjoying how Italo Zuchelli played with the layers of skin. "The skin is essential. It's our main piece of clothing" he said. I think that the playful nudes and the textures used depicts the skin's character well. For me, it gives that delicateness and gelatinous feel to it (as weird as that may sound). i-D has a great article all about it. It's worth reading! 

Here's how I introduced that skin-on-skin collection to my errands day; simplified and toned down of course. 

Hope you enjoy. Another style related post will be up in a few days so keep connected!

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