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Stripe Shirt - Primark | Blazer - 'thrifted' | Jeans - H&M | Sandals - Yes Style

I don't go for stripes that often but I find that this 'boyfriend tee' from Primark is workable with my style. It has a great baggy fit and drops on the shoulders really well which is a plus for my 'not so broad' shoulders. I can see that this t-shirt might possibly become a favourite. They are only selling for £3.50, making it a steal. I've stopped looking into Primark pieces for ages but it has been doing really well for me lately. I take quick rounds in there once in a while now and I seem to find good basics and their prices never or hardly disappoint. 

To then get out of the supposedly "nautical vibe" from the stripes, I've added this random pile of necklaces, a long vintage style blazer and some chunky buckled shoes.

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