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A mismatch between great and blahs. Documenting ones life is a lot of work (especially your own). Having that good intention of throwing all the good things (or bad!) in this space mixed with my perfectionism gives me a whole new complicated chore. I did say that this whole thing will be a clutter of visuals including everything and anything but what I really meant is to create an organised visual diary no matter how random the mix of contents are. Yes! I am a little at war with myself here. I want to share something of me but yet I keep it with me just as I want it to be great & clear which just leaves me empty handed. I am sure this is a relatable issue to a lot out there. Oh, what the hell!

Here's my little question/note-to-self: "WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?"

During my Art studies, it made me realise that it is not always the final outcome that's important. I tend to worry more about the result which always leads me to being stuck in the middle. Most of the time, best results come by just letting go and I guess by being casual or not planning everything too much. After all, being spontaneous results to better satisfaction right? I believe that the interest of any art is always from the concept behind it and the experience and exploration achieved before it's made. Well, I think this is all just a metaphor of life and I urgently need to start applying this to mine. So let's ask ourselves, what is it that's stopping us? All that worrying leads to that thing called procrastination and no matter how much of a fad that is right now, we really don't want it! (REALLY!)

So with that out of the way, here's my two months in instagram photos!

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